WHEDco Selected by Citi Foundation as one of its 2018 Community Progress Makers

Nov 5, 2019
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Making a Difference in the Community

WHEDco, a leading organization in the field of community development, has been honored by the prestigious Citi Foundation as one of its 2018 Community Progress Makers. This recognition highlights WHEDco's outstanding contributions to society and its relentless commitment to creating positive change.

As a passionate advocate for high-quality affordable housing, economic development, and cultural enrichment, WHEDco has been at the forefront of transforming communities and empowering individuals and families.

Empowering Individuals and Families

WHEDco's mission is to help individuals and families thrive by providing them with access to safe and affordable housing, educational opportunities, and resources that foster personal and economic growth. Through their comprehensive programs and initiatives, WHEDco actively addresses the diverse needs of the community, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Affordable Housing

One of WHEDco's core focus areas is affordable housing. They understand the importance of safe and stable housing in creating a solid foundation for individuals and families. WHEDco designs and develops affordable housing units that meet the unique requirements of the community, ensuring that residents have a place they can call home.

Through their innovative approach, WHEDco incorporates sustainable design practices, energy efficiency, and green technologies into their housing projects. This not only reduces environmental impact but also helps lower energy costs for residents, making housing more affordable and sustainable in the long run.

Economic Development

WHEDco recognizes that economic development is crucial for building thriving communities. They actively promote entrepreneurship and provide support to small businesses, helping them establish a strong foundation and achieve long-term success. By fostering economic growth, WHEDco creates job opportunities, increases income levels, and strengthens the local economy.

In addition to assisting existing businesses, WHEDco also plays a pivotal role in developing new commercial spaces. By revitalizing vacant or underutilized buildings, they attract new businesses to the area, further stimulating economic growth and contributing to the overall prosperity of the community.

Education and Enrichment

Education and enrichment are at the heart of WHEDco's mission. They believe in the power of education to transform lives and empower individuals. Through various educational programs, from early childhood development to adult education and workforce training, WHEDco equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

In addition to education, WHEDco understands the importance of cultural enrichment in community development. They actively engage the community through arts and cultural programs, bringing people together and celebrating diversity. These initiatives foster a sense of pride, belonging, and unity, creating stronger and more vibrant communities.

WHEDco's Impact on the Community

WHEDco's dedication and hard work have had a profound impact on the community. Their initiatives have transformed neighborhoods, improved living conditions, and empowered countless individuals and families.

By providing affordable housing options, WHEDco has helped individuals and families escape the cycle of poverty and gain stability in their lives. This enables them to focus on their personal and professional growth, creating a positive ripple effect within the community.

The economic development efforts of WHEDco have resulted in job creation, increased income levels, and a revitalized local economy. By supporting small businesses and attracting new ones, they have generated opportunities for individuals to secure reliable employment and build prosperous futures.

Through their educational programs, WHEDco has sparked a lifelong love of learning and equipped individuals with the tools they need to achieve their aspirations. The skills and knowledge gained empower individuals to pursue higher education, secure better jobs, and ultimately improve their quality of life.

WHEDco's commitment to cultural enrichment has brought communities together, fostering understanding, respect, and unity. By celebrating diversity and promoting cultural events, WHEDco has created a strong sense of community pride and solidarity.


WHEDco's selection as a 2018 Community Progress Maker by the Citi Foundation is a testament to their dedication and impact on the community. Their work in affordable housing, economic development, education, and cultural enrichment has made a significant difference in the lives of individuals and families.

WHEDco's comprehensive approach to community development ensures that individuals have access to safe housing, education, and economic opportunities, fostering personal and economic growth. Their commitment to creating positive change has elevated them as a leader in the field, transforming neighborhoods and building a brighter future for all.

David Tadena
Congrats to WHEDco! 🎉 Your dedication to affordable housing and positive change in the community is truly inspiring. Well-deserved recognition! 👏
Oct 4, 2023