Welcome to 3rd Grade at Our Lady of Lourdes School!

Feb 8, 2021
Academic Information

Award-Winning Education in Malverne, NY

At Our Lady of Lourdes School in Malverne, NY, we are proud to offer an exceptional 3rd-grade program that sets the foundation for academic success. As a school committed to excellence, our dedicated teachers are passionate about creating a stimulating and supportive environment for every student.


Our comprehensive 3rd-grade curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, ensuring a well-rounded education for your child. From language arts and mathematics to science and social studies, we provide a rigorous academic program that challenges and engages students at every level.

English Language Arts

In our English Language Arts (ELA) classes, students dive into the wonderful world of literature. We promote a love for reading by introducing them to classic and contemporary books, fostering critical thinking skills and enhancing their vocabulary. Through various writing activities, students develop their creativity and learn how to express themselves effectively.


Mathematics forms a core component of our 3rd-grade curriculum. Our students engage in hands-on activities, problem-solving exercises, and logical thinking to develop a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. We cover topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and measurement, ensuring a solid understanding of fundamental mathematical principles.


The world is full of wonders waiting to be explored by curious minds. In our science classes, we encourage students to ask questions, make observations, and think critically. From investigating the properties of matter to exploring the natural world and its ecosystems, our 3rd-grade science curriculum invites students to develop a scientific mindset and a lifelong love for learning.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum takes students on a journey through time, helping them understand the history, geography, and cultures that shape our world. From learning about early civilizations to discovering the foundations of our great nation, students gain a broader perspective of the diverse societies that exist both past and present.

Enriching Experiences

Education is not confined to textbooks and classrooms alone. Our Lady of Lourdes School believes in providing students with enriching experiences that complement their academic journey. Alongside the core curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities, including music, art, sports, and community service initiatives.

Fostering a Love for Learning

We understand the importance of nurturing a love for learning in every student. Our dedicated teachers create a positive and nurturing environment where students feel empowered and motivated to explore new ideas. We prioritize individualized attention, ensuring that each child's unique learning style is accommodated.

Join Our 3rd Grade Community

By choosing Our Lady of Lourdes School for 3rd grade in Malverne, NY, you are investing in your child's future. Our commitment to academic excellence, comprehensive curriculum, and fostering a love for learning set us apart. Join our vibrant community of learners, and embark on an educational journey filled with growth, discovery, and endless possibilities.

Contact us today to learn more about enrollment for 3rd grade or to schedule a visit to our campus. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Our Lady of Lourdes School!

Tomasz Hops
This sounds like a fantastic program for third graders! It's great to see a school that prioritizes academic excellence and creates a supportive environment for students. I'm sure the dedicated teachers at Our Lady of Lourdes School are doing an amazing job in setting the foundation for success. Keep up the great work!
Nov 10, 2023